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    What is vBulletin?

    What is vBulletin?
    vBulletin is a proprietary Internet forum software package sold by MH Sub I, LLC do its stuff a portion a allocation matter as vBulletin (formerly Jelsoft Enterprises and vBulletin Solutions).
    It created in PHP and uses a MySQL database
    Similar products add together XenForo, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MyBB, and phpBB.
    What is vBulletin?


     vBulletin was initially launched in 2000. Its successor, vBulletin 2, was released in 2001. A third report was launched in 2004.

    In 2007 Internet Brands purchased the product from JelSoft

    The StyleVars system was late addition to draw CSS variables directly from the vBulletin Template code.
    In July 2010, the BBC reported that there was a huge flaw in vBulletin software that allows anyone to easily admission the database username and password.

    In October 2010, Internet Brands sued three former employees, just as their new competing software XenForo was to be launched., as well as a second lawsuit in the United States
    claiming breach of contract, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of trade secrets.
    In May 2011 it was announced that vBulletin had abandoned an attempt at preventing XenForo doing business, and in 2013 the claims were dismissed.

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