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    WhatsApp users update your phones! A bug allowed hackers to steal data from your phone using corrupt GIFs

    A security researcher has discovered a bug in WhatsApp that allowed hackers to gain access to users’ data by sending them corrupt GIFs. However, users had to open the infected file to trigger the vulnerability

    WhatsApp users update your phones! A bug allowed hackers to steal data from your phone using corrupt GIFs

    security specialist has found a basic vulernability in the foundation of the social informing application that enables programmers to access your telephone's information, which incorporates your photographs and your messages, by sending you a contaminated GIF

    The weakness in WhatsApp's foundation comes from a marvel called a "twofold free powerlessness" which could prompt an application to crash and in more terrible case situations enable a programmer to access a client's gadget. The security investigate who passes by the name Awakened on GitHub, in a specialized writeup, clarified that the programmers don't gain admittance to a client's gadget, state a cell phone essentially by sending a contaminated GIF. The weakness gets activated just when the client opens the degenerate document. For comprehension, in the event that you get a degenerate GIF and you open it to watch it or you open it to send it to a companion, it will trigger the hack. 

    Notwithstanding that, seeing the degenerate GIF additionally triggers the helplessness. "Since WhatsApp shows reviews of each medium (counting the GIF record got), it will trigger the twofold free bug and our RCE abuse," the security reseacher clarified. 

    The powerlessness, be that as it may, exists just in WhatsApp's Android based stage. "The adventure functions admirably until WhatsApp rendition 2.19.230. The helplessness is authentic fixed in WhatsApp adaptation 2.19.244," the security analyst composed including, "The adventure functions admirably for Android 8.1 and 9.0, yet doesn't work for Android 8.0 and underneath. In the more seasoned Android variants, twofold free could even now be set off." This implies in the event that you have refreshed WhatsApp on your Android cell phone you don't have anything to stress. 

    Reacting to the report, a WhatsApp representative told The Next Web that, "It was accounted for and immediately tended to a month ago. We have no motivation to accept this influenced any clients however obviously we are continually attempting to give the most recent security highlights to our clients."

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