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    Apple iPhone at High risk; Hacking Through Email App

    Apple iPhone at High risk; Hacking Through Email App

    A vulnerability in Apple's OS may have left a great many iPhone and iPad users helpless against hackers.

    Research published by ZecOps, a mobile security firm, said a bug in the Mail application made gadgets defenseless to refined assaults.

    The firm said it had "high certainty" the bug has been utilized to misused in any event six prominent victims.

    An Apple representative disclosed to Reuters a fix would be in latest update.

    In an announcement, Apple stated: "We have thoroughly investigated the researcher's report and, based on the information provided, have concluded these issues do not pose an immediate risk to our users. The researcher identified three issues in Mail, but alone they are insufficient to bypass iPhone and iPad security protections, and we have found no evidence they were used against customers"

    ZecOps reported the bug to Apple in March. The tech giant had not previously known about the issue.
    What makes this hack not quite the same as different hacks is users don't have to download any outside program or visit a site that contains malicious program (malware). Typically hacks needs some action on the part of the user - those means make conceivable to follow the beginning of the attack.

    Apple products are typically considered to be more secure than other mobile devices. Experts say this shows how difficult it can be to spot underlying vulnerabilities.

    The researchers said the bug could be exploited even on recent versions of iOS.

    ZecOps claimed it had found evidence that the bug was used to attack well-known targets including individuals from a Fortune 500 company in North America, an executive from a mobile carrier in Japan, employees of technology companies in Saudi Arabia and Israel, a European journalist and an individual in Germany. The firm would not disclose the identities of the victims.

    Apple said: "These potential issues will be addressed in a software update soon. We value our collaboration with security researchers to help keep our users safe and will be crediting the researcher for their assistance"

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